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The Essence of Life Publishing Company’s blog is where you will find creative writing and reflections about a young woman transitioning to the woman she wants to be living in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

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About Essence

Essence Breshanté is a writer living in Goldsboro, North Carolina. A native of Mercer County, New Jersey, Ms. Breshanté began writing by choice when she was twelve years old to keep herself together and remain hopeful within a dysfunctional and impoverished home environment. Essence lives with autism and mental illness. She is a graduate of Nottingham High School (2009) and Mercer County Community College (A.A. Liberal Arts, 2019). Her writing has been published in the Kelsey Review, Drumbeat, Open, The Streetlight, The Wall, and other publications.

A Black & White photo of a woman with kinky black hair and glasses facing the left and smiling. She is not looking directly at the camera. Behind her is a window covered by a curtain. She sits on her bed.

About The Essence of LIfe Publishing Company

The Essence of Life Publishing Company is in its development stages.

The Essence of Life Publishing Company (ELPC) currently has a Substack newsletter called Reflections on a life lived & a life in motion. If you’d like you can subscribe to that at eoflife.substack.com. Also, give The ELPC a follow on Instagram @essenceoflifepublishingco. I’d love to see more engagement as I make this journey into starting my own business and, in turn, my life.

Original Poems for Momentous Events is a service from the Essence of Life where I will write an original poem based on your unique situation or circumstance. For more info, contact me at eoflifepublishing [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Original Poems for Momentous Events

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