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The Essence of Life Publishing Company’s blog is where you will find creative writing and reflections about a young woman transitioning to the woman she wants to be living in Gaston, North Carolina.

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About Essence

Essence B. Scott is an author living in Gaston, North Carolina. She has been published in the Kelsey Review, The Streetlight, and other publications in Mercer County, New Jersey, where she is from. A highly determined young woman, Ms. Scott is a survivor of homelessness & poverty, a thriver with mental illness, and a first-generation high school (2009) and college (2019, A.A., Liberal Arts) graduate. You can find her on Instagram @essenceolifepublishingco, on Twitter @EssenceNotMag, and on her website at eoflifepublishing.wordpress.com.

A Black woman wtih closely cut black hair and black glasses has her hand up to tje side of her face and is smiling into the camera. Green trees and a blue sky with clouds are behind her.

About The Essence of LIfe Publishing Company

The Essence of Life Publishing Company is in its development stages. Right now, I plan to create documents that will be of use people, such as tracking sheets for general health & wellness, medication management, and exercise, and release these. I have created Certificates of Accomplishment and a Home School Diploma. I want to build up my porfolio of publishing projects in desire of having my own printing and publishing business, in addition to publishing my books and other writing on the Internet for your enjoyment.

The Essence of Life Publishing Company (ELPC) currently has a Substack newsletter called Reflections on a life lived & a life in motion. If you’d like you can subscribe to that at eoflife.substack.com. Also, give The ELPC a follow on Instagram @essenceoflifepublishingco. I’d love to see more engagement as I make this journey into starting my own business and, in turn, my life.

The Essence of Life Publishing Company affirms that Diversity is The Essence of Life and that without diversity, there is nothing. Diversity is a norm–not something to be checked off a long list of to-dos. Why make it into something horrible and ugly instead of something as common as “Oh, it’s cloudy outside”?

Remain on the lookout for much more to come!

4 circles in alternating purple and black in a black outlined swuare. The text in purple reads THE ESSENCE OF LIFE PUBLISHING COMPANY LLC. The small black text on the very bottom reads: DIVERSITY IS THE ESSENCE OF LIFE

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